Recommended Maintenance Schedule

We recommend that most vehicles are checked at certain intervals to ensure that they are operating at peak efficiency. Your car is your most important investment – ensure it is running right!

Air Conditioning Service: 24,000 miles

Air Filter: 12,000 miles

Battery: 6,000 mile inspection

Brakes: 24,000 mile inspection

Canister Filer: 12,000 mile inspection

Cooling System Hoses: 36,000 miles

Cooling System Service: 12,000 miles

CV Joints: 24,000 mile inspection

Emission Service: 12,000 mile inspection

Engine Analysis: 12,000 mile inspection

Exhaust Components: 12,000 mile inspection

Fan Accessory Belts: 24,000 miles

Fuel Filter: 12,000 miles

Fuel Injecting Cleaning: 24,000 miles

MacPherson Struts: 12,000 mile inspection

Muffler: 12,000 mile inspection

Oxygen Sensor: 30,000 mile inspection

PCV Valve: 12,000 mile inspection

Shock Absorbers: 12,000 mile inspection

Tire Rotation: 6,000 miles

Universal Joints: 36,000 mile inspection

Wheel Alignment: 12,000 miles

Wheel Balance: 6,000 miles

Wheel Bearings, Repack/Seals: 12,000 miles

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