Batteries, Starting & Charging


Car Electrical System Repair

Our professionals can test your car battery, replace it if necessary, and provide you with the comfort that comes with knowing your car will start when you need it to.

The car battery provides the charge that starts the engine and powers accessories such as lights and wipers.

The starter can fail due to electrical or mechanical problems, making your car difficult or impossible to start.

If your alternator is not working properly, you may notice headlights or interior lights that dim and brighten on their own, or other odd electrical behavior in the car.

  • Same day service for most repairs and maintenance
  • Alternators, batteries, starters, & more
  • We carry Interstate batteries
  • Located on Route 37 East
A Mechanic starting to work on a car battery after charging.
Mechanic using diagnostic tool to test the battery's starting and charging system for optimal performance.
Car maintenance setup with an open-front vehicle, featuring tools and equipment neatly arranged on a table.


Battery troubles? K&M Tire & Auto Center is here to help.


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£59.95 // starting price 3h // estimated repair time
From the brake pedal to hydraulic brake fluid, brake master cylinder to the power brake booster, drum brakes to disc brakes - our technicians know every part of your brake.
£59.95 // starting price 3h // estimated repair time
Routine car maintenance can help you avoid roadside breakdowns, reduce costly repairs and, most importantly, help keep your vehicle safe, reliable and running longer.