Heating and Air Conditioning


Toms River Car AC and Heating Repair

Car heating and air conditioning systems have components that require routine maintenance to avoid drying out and cracking. The car heater also needs regular check-ups to make sure there are no leaky valves or blockages. Let us service your car AC or car heater to keep you comfortable at any temperature.

We understand that comfort is important on those hot days – be sure to visit K&M Tire & Auto Center on Route 37 East, Toms River in the spring time to beat the heat and ensure your vehicle’s AC is working at maximum efficiency.

Our expert auto repair technicians are equipped to diagnose climate control issues and are specially trained to repair car air conditioners and car heater systems. We are happy to provide an estimate of the work needed to fix your car AC or car heater.

  • Car AC repair - ensure the best cooling performance
  • Car heating diagnostic and repair
  • ASE-certified technicians
  • Located on Route 37 East
Mechanic inspecting and servicing a car's heating and air conditioning system.
Driver adjusting the car's heating and air conditioning controls for personalized comfort.
Close-up of car control panel with air conditioning buttons and vents for climate control


Is your car blowing room temperature air? If so, it's time for a check up.


K&M Tire & Auto Center is trusted by thousands of satisfied customers.

£29.95 // starting price 1h // estimated repair time
We use state of the art Bosch equipment for vehicle diagnostics which can read the engine fault codes in your ECU’s memory. Our technicians can then suggest any necessary repairs.
£59.95 // starting price 3h // estimated repair time
Routine car maintenance can help you avoid roadside breakdowns, reduce costly repairs and, most importantly, help keep your vehicle safe, reliable and running longer.