Simple Maintenance Services: Extending Your Car’s Lifespan

Did you just buy a car, or are you hoping to do so soon? One of the most neglected aspects of owning a vehicle is the simple maintenance services that comes with owning a car. As technology progresses with new innovative vehicle designs comes a world of new features, systems, and upgrades. So, whether the purpose is to improve the vehicle’s engine performance, overall safety, or fuel-efficiency, the latest advancement often means new, more expensive technology that leads to more costly repairs.

Neglecting regular maintenance may lead to out-of-the-pocket expenses on repairs, and you don’t want that. Ensuring that you get the best information to keep your car in top condition, for example, following your vehicle’s maintenance schedule, and getting regular washes, is the best decision. This act alone can extend the life of your car for years to come. Sometimes you don’t even have to take your car to the mechanic’s workshop; you can perform some little DIY checks.

Let us look at simple maintenance services that can help extend your vehicle’s life.

  • Power steering service:

Power steering is a system that reduces the effort to turn the steering wheel. Most vehicles will have heavy steering without this system, particularly when pulling into a parking spot, turning a 90-degree corner, or maneuvering in a crowded area. You will be prompted to investigate the possible cause when your power steering is faulty. In most cases, the fluid in the power steering clogged with dirt and moisture causes a failure.

  • Car wash and detailing:

Keeping your car clean should not only be done for aesthetics as it also helps to improve your vehicle’s performance. This is because the functionality starts deteriorating when your car’s dashboard accumulates dirt and impurities for a long time, it starts deteriorating. This principle applies to other vehicle parts, such as the underbody and engine bay.

  • Fluids check:

Your vehicle has several fluids that enable it to function optimally. These fluids are water, engine oil, brake oil, power steering fluid, e.t.c. Most drivers know to change their oil regularly but forget about other fluids that have a wide range of functions and should be routinely checked as well.

  • Fuel system check and cleaning:

Carbon, sludge, and dirt flow through your fuel system every time the engine runs. As the build-up increases, the level of the fuel that can pass through is reduced, meaning the engine loses power, thereby causing the fuel economy to suffer and the roadworthiness of the car to diminish.

  • Wheel alignment:

Your wheel alignment, also referred to as tire alignment, forms an essential component of the overall suspension and car control. When a vehicle is aligned properly, it steers easily and wears its tires evenly. Most mechanics recommend an alignment check annually.

  • Car battery check:

Your car’s battery is an essential component that drives its performance, ensuring all its electrical components are running, including the alternator. You can avoid being stranded on an empty street by checking your battery. Additionally, regularly testing your car battery helps avoid missed damages from extreme weather conditions. It also helps to elongate the battery life.


As mentioned earlier, you do not always have to take your vehicle to a mechanic’s workshop every time for simple maintenance services. There are things you can do by yourself if only you take out time to read the manual. Every car comes with a manual, and many people often ignore it. The car service manual will help you keep up with the pace of automotive technology. These manuals make things easier as they clarify a lot about the functionality of several components of a car.

Creating a list of weekly checks will your car maintenance. Performing a weekly ‘walk-around’ will allow you to spot minor issues before they become major. Pay attention to the things highlighted above, including the vehicle’s general condition. Additionally, all manufacturers recommend that cars should undergo a full service every six months or at specific mileage points. Finally, a car will need to change ‘consumables’ such as filters and spark plugs to function efficiently.

A complete, top-to-bottom service to the manufacturer’s specifications is best left to an expert. Apart from being familiar with various technical aspects, such as checking engine mapping software and replacing precision parts, they’ll also have access to approved spare parts and tools. So if it’s time for a service, talk to K&M Tire & Auto. Let us take care of your car; you are sure that your vehicle is in safe hands.